Give your job
a meaning

For a safer and more effective healthcare, come develop tomorrow’s technological solutions with us. Discover the reasons that made us join the SQI adventure.
Reason #1

Work in the medical field
and contribute to the improvement of patients’ health

Our teams work for and with the medical community by leveraging everyone’s knowledge and skills to design suitable answers. Witnessing our solutions being used each day is a continuous source of pride, giving a deeper meaning to our jobs.
Reason #2

Be a player of innovation
and develop new skills

At SQI, we all share a keen interest in medical advances, making us challenge our know-how, explore new technological avenues and constantly improve. We can step in throughout the year on a great diversity of topics, which ensures a stimulating and rewarding environment.
Reason #3

A closely-knit,
small team

SQI is made of about 40 team members who work together and share knowledge and experience, in a company committed to the wellbeing of its employees. We’re here to help each other, overcome challenges and setbacks, and celebrate successes alike. Beyond work, there’s always a coworker willing to go for a run or play a game over lunchtime, take a pilates break or gather for an after-work event.
Reason #4

The SCOP spirit

More than a company, a SCOP, i.e. a group where employees can become part-owners. Everyone can be a creative force and contribute to the company’s decisions. We’re also engaged in environmental and social issues and have built various workgroups to lead us towards a more responsible society.
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