About us


Our company has been organized as a SCOP united around strong values since 2008. Our convictions and work philosophy inspire us to ensure the success of our mission: fostering a safer and more effective healthcare.


Team members at SQI come from various background. We share a curiosity for innovation and a taste for challenge! On the frontline, this mean we enjoy unconventional projects based on innovative and bold technologies for the patient’s benefit! Such projects that may be considered risky become one of our strengths and a real added value allowing to feeding.

Human centered

At SQI, we emphasize the human aspect of relationships, internally and with our customers. This ensures that team members work in a positive environment, foster sharing, respect each other and are eager for learning and improving together. Our participative management, centered on the team members, helps combine well-being and performance.


Because we are convinced that trust is a major asset for successful projects, we make every effort to build a strong human relationship with our customers. This involves honest, transparent communication and a service that adapts to the life and dynamics of your projects. Resulting in true, long-term partnerships.


We adopt a co-development approach by sharing our experience and our technological, clinical and regulatory vision. We continuously work as one team encompassing all stakeholders contributing to the design of a medical device. Our Agile methodology helps us adapt to the setbacks of an innovation project by adjusting our deliverables, budget and resources to the customer’s needs. We also value transfering our know-how so that customers become autonomous.

All in one SCOP

Being a SCOP (Cooperative and participative company) is a real source of pride and motivation. We are all shareholders and contribute to the governance of the company! This translates into a strong group that shares a common vision, takes strategic decisions in which everyone participates in the daily life of the organization. The outcome: team members who are engaged, thriving and fully aligned with their mission!

Fostering medical innovation