of medical technologies

From proof of concept to certified product, we design, develop and test your medical devices software, in compliance with IEC 62304.

surgical planning

We develop your planning software for complex medical procedure, in order to optimize the interventional strategy and your product’s clinical benefit.

  • Create a digital twin for patients based on patient specific imaging data and to visualized in 3d.
  • Create a digital twin for patients based on their specific imaging data and visualized in 3d.
  • Measure the pre-operative anatomy of the patients, classify and assess their pathology.
  • Simulate implant placement and assess post-procedural impact.
  • Model personalized instruments and prosthetics.
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Guidance of surgical gestures

Together with you, we design and develop the navigation system best suited to your specific clinical context, in order to enhance the surgeon’s perception, optimize its accuracy and make the operative gesture more reliable. Surgical navigation is our original business activity and we are familiar with the operating room. Our expert knowledge of the digital, mechanical and clinical aspects helps us answer to the requirements of accuracy, usability and safety.

  • Visualize and calculate the ongoing clinical condition.
  • Provide real-time guidance measurements.
  • Execute the procedure as planned
  • Enable the intuitive use of the technology.
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  • #3D-positioning
  • #image processing
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  • #augmented-reality

Medical robotics

Our team oversees the control and the digital integration of your robot to make it operational, safe and accurate for both patients and physicians.

  • Accurate positioning of the tool on the patient.
  • Autonomous and supervised complex trajectories.
  • Real-time robot feedback loop following patient’s motion
  • Safety of patients and practitioners, in compliance with regulatory requirements.
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Data management

business workflow management

Starting from your specific processes, we can deliver a custom software interfacing with your medical devices, allowing to manage and analyze your health data in all due safety for an efficient collaboration with various players.

  • Management of product fleet and statistical analysis platform
  • Monitoring tool, from the design to the manufacturing of your medical devices.
  • Collaborative tool for the monitoring of a patient’s approved healthcare pathway
  • Solution for data analysis and diagnostic aid, based on predictive algorithms.
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A product vision
We can step in from the early phases to understand your clinical, technological and product challenges.
A collaborative approach
A development grounded in the agile method, guaranteeing both flexibility and optimal use of your budget and allocated time.
Flexibility and commitment
A partner capable of working autonomously or hand in hand with your internal teams, adjusting to the roadblocks encountered during the project.
Mitigate risks
A scoping and prototyping phase to derisk the project and select the best platform and languages.
Integrated regulatory compliance
We deliver iec 62304-compliant products, which integrate risk management and are provided with the relevant regulatory documentation.
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